Expensive champagne and me making a bird call #waybackwednesday  💁💋🌺🌹🌷🌸🐦🐓🐔🐥🐤🐣🐧caw caw 0
A little darkness never hurt no body. {regram +filter} my hair is red 💋 in the original image 📷🔫by @morganmyoung circa 2011 1
A little darkness never hurt no body. {regram + filter} my hair is red 💋 in the original photo circa 2012 📷🔫 @morganmyoung 0
Fresh juiced Intelli-gin-chia “ginger limeade” spicy tangy coconut water ginger limeade has a kick but when combined with cucumber, pineapple juice and a ton of coconut water hydrated chia seeds it has become my breakfast go to and yesterday I made a bunch. Thanks for the inspiration @gingermichele and the help @ashgold__bee  now I gotta clean the freaking juicer. Bleh happy Monday 🐉🐲🐊🍀🌵🌿🌱🍃🌳🌲🌴🌱🔋🔋🔋🔋 0
Do all thing with a heat that threatens to burn and consume you. All things. This week I’m throwing fuel into the creative Fire. #atomicboheme #isaidit 0
This Hoya flower is budding on a plant that I’ve had the majority of my life (yes this plant Is over 20 years old) and hasn’t bloomed in over a decade. My smile was so big when I saw this today. 0
This one time in a casino I got in a fight. @ashgold__bee 0
This is what angry, tired and not washing your face looks like on a Sunday morning. 0
#tbt 🔫by @heylomoney ‘s mom 💅&hair by my mom and myself. ✨🐰🎀🐰🎀🐰✨ 0
#tbt 🔫by @heylomoney ‘a momma. 💅and hair my my mom and myself. 0
A very sad thing happened to my souvenir salt and pepper shakers from my trip to Ireland. 😩🐑🐏👎 0

Burning Man, “Desert Spirits” 246
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