A very sad thing happened to my souvenir salt and pepper shakers from my trip to Ireland. 😩🐑🐏👎 0

Burning Man, “Desert Spirits” 178
🐖🐷I know it’s going to be a hot day because the bacon is already sizzlin’ 🐷🐖 0
Finding focus even if my fingers are ADHD and don’t always submit to the silence. ✋👐✌️🐞🍂🍁✨ 0
"Hello beautiful. You smell Devine."  Doesn’t hurt I guess. 👄🎀💄👛💕💗💋🎈🌺 0
Summer is waining but there is still sunshine and heat. I want to hit the beach! 🌞🌊☀️🐬🍍🍉🏊🔆🌼💦👙💧🔅🐠🌺 0

Misfit likes to sleep in and is very nonplussed I’ve gotten her out of bed. Lol my ham 🐖🐷🐽🐖🐷👶🐽🐷🐖

#sexy #swimsuit #legs #lighting #summer #boho #brandycandy 0
Last nights dinner at the little house. I made dis.  Marinated grilled artichokes and a NY strip steak medium rare and all juicy and perfect. 0
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