Everyones support has been so crucial to make this happen. Every order I fill makes me that much less scared and stressed about my current situation and I cannot tell you how much that means to me right now. Please keep them coming! Xoxox courtney. www.mumdame.com #mumdame #handcrafted in #losangeles 0
The struggle. 0
Dogs day afternoon. @avalon_stearns 0
Shop my newest designs at www.mumdame.com and make sure you’re following @mumdame. We’re about to have an instagive away to kick off #summer in #style! 0
The “ladder” harness in glossy black chain and steel tone details… please Visit my online store ww.etsy.com/shop/mumdame 0
Make sure your summer waredrobe has all it needs to shine!
 The “trellis” harness in rose tone chain with grey arora glass bead detail.  Handcrafted in LA by Courtney Little, and only $24.50!
 Make sure to check back soon for more styles! 
I’ve decided to just jump in and really, actually start my own line. Thank you all so much for your continued support and endless love & positivity. X☆★☆ ♥♡♥O 0
Got in to watch phantogram on tuesday on jimmy kimmel live. Holy crap. So good. 0
Homemade sushi bowls for dinner. Meow. Kitty love tuna 0
Pink and raspberry stripe triangle top soon on the etsy… 0
Go to bed with wet hair, wake up with finger waves 0
Wearing the new crochini top i made.   Crochet bikini tops are go. Message me if you want one.. Style possibilities are endless. Now, what color should i dye this? Im thinking forest green?! 2
I wish i got suntan in the cast off from my computer screen. 0
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